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  Nobody can attend all those simultaneous sessions!  
  Audio Proceedings allow attendees to listen to audio from your conference at any time on devices like computers, mp3 players (iPods, Zunes), and smartphones (iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones). The presentation slides automatically advance as the audio plays and your attendees can quickly jump to information through slide thumbnails and integrated keyword search for each slide presentation.  
  A little information about Audio Proceedings...   So many ways for attendees to enjoy Audio Proceedings!  

Audio proceedings can be distributed in many ways including CD-ROM or online. Most of our proceedings are hosted online and accessed with a "Key CD" that an attendee puts in their computer to get access to the audio and slides at www.meetingproceedings.com.


Each Audio Proceedings has an elegant, easy-to-use interface where presentations can be quickly accessed. As a conference manager you have access to our "Conference Portal" where you can see who is using the proceedings and what presentations are the most popular.

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Attendees LOVE being able to take the slides and audio anywhere on a device as convenient as a smartphone or iPod! They can watch and listen to the conference anywhere which is great for business trips or when they are not near a computer!

Devices like iPods, iPhones, and BlackBerry smartphones can easily store the slides and audio from a typical 100 hour conference in just 8Gb of data. Your attendees can experience the PowerPoints with synchronized audio anywhere at any time, and it fits in their pocket!

Attendees often take the proceedings back to their organization to share audio presentations with colleagues at team lunches or at training sessions.

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